Thursday, February 26, 2009

Matt had a meeting first thing this morning, so Avalai and I had some "girl-time". We had cereal, read books, and danced and jumped with Imagination Movers. She loves that show, and it's great for getting kids to interact and exercise. She even let me hold her and cuddle her for a few minutes...which is a rarity. It's so funny how many kisses and "I lubboo's" I get when I really spend time with her and don't try to get something else accomplished while I'm half-way watching her.
Since it was finally a little warmer today, Matt & I took her outside to literally "run" around. She just looooves the freedom and fresh air of the outdoors. She ran the full length of our deep yard several times, just giggling with glee! Kicking leaves, picking up pinecones, playing peek-a-boo around the shed...she's delighted at all things outdoors...except getting dirt of any kind on her hands! Oh...that stops her in her tracks...and she stares at her hands and tries to shake off the dirt. She's pretty motionless until we come over and wipe them off for her.
Oh, and she was toting her little Baby Einstein caterpillar around the whole time. Needless to say, he needs to go in the washer now. Poor thing hit the ground during a few of her tumbles. It's so funny to hear her say caterpillar. Most of her words are really clear...but for her little colorful friend she says more like "patta-pitter-pilla" It cracks us up every time!
The biggest problem with going outside? She never wants to go in...and the waterworks turn on Matt always promises something like watching Elmo to help her transition back into being cooped up inside.
We got the new potty today, and she was excited to sit on it, and says "Pee-pee, potty" but hasn't quite gotten the concept of how to "release" yet...but we'll try first thing in the morning. When I went to put her diaper back on, she said "Dipe back on?...Nope!" She cried when I insisted that she had to wear a diaper. She's kind of like that. Happy and excited one minute...then tell her to, or make her do anything she doesn't want to do, and it's instant tears for about 2 minutes. We don't let them phase us...we distract her with other questions or interests and she's back to her happy-go-lucky self again.
Lately bedtime has been a huge chore! Oh, if only we could get Avalai to go down to sleep easily...then we might be able to get a few things done ourselves before we turn in for the night. She just doesn't want to give in and tonight it was an hour and a half from when she went to bed at 9 til she finally gave in. I feel bad because I kind of understand...I can't fall asleep easily without watching tv til I can't keep my eyes open anymore. Without tv as a distraction, my overactive brain gets in the way of the calm drifting into sleep that I think you're supposed to have. So I hope she doesn't have a similar issue with sleep. We always turn her music on to help lull her into sleep, but she often just wants to sing with it!
Well, Matt & I finished watching our Tivo'd Survivor, and there's more work to do before we can sleep, so until tomorrow...

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