Friday, July 3, 2009

Fireworks & favorite phrases

Well thanks to some FREE tickets at the last minute, we were able to go see fireworks at the Shorebirds game tonight. We knew better than to try to sit through the whole thing with our wiggly girl! So, we picked up Leland & Jenny, and got there about the 7th inning. We saw a couple friends and just stood at the top of the stands talking for those last innings. Avalai was quite content just dancing to all the crazy songs they play at those games! Every time the music piped over the loudspeakers...she started right back up like a wind-up toy, only much faster and more unpredictable. We had to keep steering her away from passers by. I just knew she was going to get trompled one of those times. She was just plain oblivious to her surroundings except to look for one of us once in a while to be sure that we were watching her "Datsing". It was really more skipping and jumping and twirling in circles than anything. But she was non-stop for sure. During a lull in the music, she made fast friends with one of the young security guards. She was giving him five. Showing off her backbends, and twisting into "coy" positions and donning a very fake smile. She definitely liked him, and when he had to run off in a hurry to get something ready for the fireworks show, without even saying Bye, Avalai was crushed, tried to run after him, and when I scooped her up to bring her back to us, she bawled! She gets attached WAY to quickly! I gotta keep both eyes on that girl!
When the fireworks finally started, Avalai was intrigued of course, and a little bit clingy. She was surprisingly a little unsure of them at first. She'd timidly point and say, "Fye-wooks?" and then lay her head back on me as she watched. As the 12 minute show went on, she got braver, and sat up a little to say "Boom, boom! Fye-wooks boom!"
Then of course when they ended she begged, "Again? Again?"
It was a great night. She loooooved seeing her Aunt Jenny and Uncle LLLeeLLLand. (It's so hard to describe how she says his name. She over enunciates the "Ls" She's so proud that she can say them now.
Anyway, when we dropped them back off, she cried as we drove away. She loves them lots!

As I sit here typing this, Avalai's saying, "Wheh ah yee Daddy? Deh ye ah!" as she covers her eyes with a bib and then removes it. Now she's putting her bib on her baby doll whose name is "Girl". That's what she told me the baby's name is! Seriously!
I can't believe this child's endless energy! This has been a full day, and now that we've finished our 11 oclock dinner, Avalai's heading for her bath and won't be in bed before midnight! She often goes to bed late, but not usually THIS late.
She wants to have an actual word to call EVERYTHING and EVERYONE! She drives us crazy saying "Wuss dat?" Or "Wuss diss" repeatedly until we tell her the exact name for that item. Like just now, she's saying "Wuss dat?, Wuss dat?" and pointing to our camera battery charger. So Matt told her it's a battery charger. "Batty tarder?" she repeats. That usually satisfies her for a minute or two, and then she's scanning for something else she wants us to identify for her. A few minutes ago, it was the crumbs left on her half-eaten animal cracker that she was pointing to as she glared at the tiny bits of cracker dust with her little eyeball so close that I was afraid she get it in her eyelashes. I explained that it was "crumbs". "Cumms?" she repeated to be sure that she had it right? "Yes crumbs," I affirm. This goes on a hundred times a day for the past month or two. Needless to say she has an enormous vocabulary. We don't often have to tell her something's name more than twice. She remembers things we told her once before, weeks earlier. When she brings those out on us, all matter-of-factly proud and confident that she knows exactly what to call that...Matt and I look at each other and say, "Did you tell her that? I didn't!" Often one of us remembers way back that we mentioned it to her once in passing because she kept pressuring for a name. And that crazy girl remembers it ALL! Maybe she'll be a linguist or something. She can definitely remember things easily, and has an uncanny love for language!
Ha...I just heard her saying "Buh-bye" to all of her bath toys...."Nigh-night cab (crab)" "Nigh-night ock-o-poos (octopus)" I looove hearing her say that one!! She's very cordial to every single,'s always "Hullo moon (or whatever she's talking to), "I lubboo moon. Buh-bye moon. See ya soon, moon!" All those little cordial sayings one immediately after another, guess she's trying to fit all her phrases in. She does this to stores, toys, tv shows and movies, food...EVERYTHING!"

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