Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Doctor gives a good report, & bangs get a little shorter.

Oh how I love to read books in bed with Avalai. She's such a captive audience who loves my dramatic voices and effects! She's becoming quite good at "reading" them herself too! I recently gave her an "Itsy Bitsy Spider" book about how the baby spider gets blown around, and on his journeys, the spider lands on various farm animals and they blow, shake and sneeze him off. She loves it. While I was getting her pajamas and toothbrush ready, she sat in the floor and "read" the book kinda like this. "Bitty pider...oh no...ball down! Where da pider? Where da pider? (Gasp, gasp) Dey he iss!!" as she points to the pig's nose where he landed. "On pigk notes. Onk Onk!" (Giggle, giggle, next page) "Haaaah.... Where da pider? Where da pider? (Gasp, gasp) Dey he iss!!" she repeated. "On goat! See him? See him?" and so on and so on through the whole book! Sometimes pausing to point out the "daggon byes, cattails, buh byes (butterflies), and bady buds (lady bugs)" sprinkled throughout the pages as well. I was quite amused. I need to carry my video camera around with me for a couple days just to catch some of this stuff!

Today we went to the doctor's for her 2 yr. checkup. Avalai loooved her doctor's appointment. She was excited about seeing "Docker Wahd" (Doctor Guwad) the whole way there. The office ladies always love her, but now that she's even more talkative, they just crack up behind that window the whole time we're out in the lobby waiting. Avalai was naming all the Disney characters on their walls, and saying "Lellow tair (chair) I sit lellow tair!" As she rushed over to the table with books on it. She gasped at their huge shelf of books, and set out to begin reading as many as possible, all the while asking "What diss Daddy? What diss?" for ANYTHING she didn't know.
We thought she'd get shots, but Dr. Guwad said none til she's 4. She was such a perfect little patient. Playing right along with the stethoscope, and opening her mouth so wide, he didn't even need his tongue depressor. Dr. Guwad said there are always a few kids who brighten up his office the moment they walk in...& she's one of them. He was very impressed with her language skills & knowlege of her colors etc. She definitely didn't want to leave!
As for her measurements, she is 33" which is only the 25th percentile for height. Dr. Guwad said based on our heights (Matt's and mine) she should definitely be more in the 50th percentile at least, and he expects her to hit a growth spurt soon to catch up.
She's in the 75th percentile with her weight of 28 pounds, so we can start giving her 1% milk instead of that disgusting old fatty whole milk!! I was very glad of that!
He said that she's so bright and advanced that he has some 4 year olds that don't know what she does. He thinks that's largely because we take time to engage and stimulate her. Like playing silly games with her, and reading to her, and letting her help us with so many chores that we do. So, that's encouraging.
As we left and she said her goodbyes to everyone, they all smiled and aahed at how adorable she is. It's hilarious, and we think she's cute too, but she sure turns on the charm when she's out in public!!
This evening we went and got her first haircut in a salon! They're clients of ours, and they love her dearly, so they were excited to give her that first "trim" even though it was just her bangs. She danced and twirled, and jumped around the salon until Daddy's haircut was done. I just can't keep that child still. I seriously don't think she remembers how to walk! She jumps, skips, hops, spins, runs, dances...even marches everywhere! It's often dizzying!
She loved her carrots and black beans, tuna and broccoli for dinner. I'm so glad she loves all the good stuff in addition to the occasional cookie :)

It was a good day overall. We'll see what she twirls into tomorrow!

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