Thursday, July 2, 2009

She finally got to see DJ tonight. He wasn't able to be at her birthday party, and she missed him and was asking for him specifically! Our Olive Garden dinner was pretty fabulous. I had my usual concoction that they so kindly make for me :) "Angel hair pasta, with shrimp, onions, peppers and mushrooms with an apricot sauce. Yummy!
Avalai had her broccoli fave of course, and breadsticks!! She loves them. I'm afraid she's going to be a carb addict like me!
DJ played games with her while we waited longer than normal, and she didn't even notice the wait. Time flies when you're playing "Gimme five, up high, down low, too slow" with Uncle DJ!!!
She wolfed down the after dinner mint we offered her before leaving...and then when we decided to try the "Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty" at Wendy's... someone announced "Coppee?? Avvay coppee, yes!" Before either Matt or I could even take a bite. We gave in of course, as it's hard to say she can't have something that we're eating right in front of her, and she was instantly in love! Oh dear... "Moy coppee...peeeeas" was the soundtrack of the next 10 minutes!
We satisfied her store craving tonight with a 20 minute trip into Lowes for some storage bins and light fixtures. She hardly cares what store we go long as there are people and aisles...and stuff to touch and explore.
We can easily convince her to leave with the "Let's go put everything on the counter so we can pay for it," line. She loves helping with that. And she knows that means she'll get to talk to a very on-the-spot cashier who's almost obligated to respond back to her :)
As soon as we hit the parking lot though...she starts with the "Moy tores" line that we hear all too often these days.
We follow with, "No, it's time to go home now." She's not fond of that statement, but spotting the moon distracted her from any complaining tonight. That moon has such an effect on her persona. She really loves to see it. It has some sort of calming effect as she explains to us once it's out of her sight that the "Moon is seepin" or "Moon is hidin" "Buh-bye Moon!" She always finishes with.
We went through a carwash at 10:15 tonight. Although we thought she'd enjoy the experience... from the moment the water started squirting on the car, her eyes got huge, and she was saying "Rain? Rain...?" with a worried face and quivering voice... As it got a little louder, and more sudsy, she began to panic and said "Hug mommy?" and then more desperately "HUG MOMMY?" as she tried to wriggle out of her carseat straps to jump into my lap. I reached back and undid her buckles so that she could witness the rest of the soaking from my view, but no, she wanted to put her head on my shoulder until it all passed. I tried to explain that the car was getting a bath so that it would be clean again...but she was shockingly nervous about the whole thing...which is so unlike her inquisitive, want-to-be-in-the-middle-of-everything personality.
Then after all that drama...and we had driven out of the carwash...she pops her head up and says, "Again, again?" Crazy girl! She's gonna be one of those people who loves scary movies as long as she can bury her head into someone, and just watch out of one eye!
Great day...she's getting sleep on a regular basis... can't say as much for her parents :)

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