Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stinkin' echoes!

The hilarity never ends with our dear Avalai! After a long stressful day of deadlines for Matt and I, we went to Ruby Tuesdays to use our BOGO Free entree coupons. Avalai was a star at eating her salad bar plate of peas, grapes, cheese, noodles, olives, cranberries and green beans. And then kept begging to eat my salmon and Matt's rice with peppers in it. She's such a good girl for the most part. We just absolutely CAN'T keep her STILL! She bobs and spins her head and neck around constantly...usually to the beat of whatever music she can hone in on. She does NOT like when one song stops and there's a few seconds of silence before the next one starts. She immediately notices and says alarmingly "Oh No!! Mugick top!" And she can just barely express her worry before another song starts and the "head bopping" starts right back up again. She also wiggles and twists in her seat, and has recently been trying to escape from her carseat straps. I think she's just looking for a challenge that will keep her from having to sit there bored. I think her active little mind never rests. She's such an observant, creative, imaginitive, busy little girl. It wears us out and cracks us up at the same time.
Upon leaving the restaurant, she immediately spots some "tores" nearby and starts her chant, "Tores Mommy. Goatrey tores (grocery stores), Mommy. Peeeeas? I see it! Dey it iss!" "Mom-mart", she yells with absolute glee!
We had to go there to get 2 or 3 things, so as we drove nearer and were looking for a space to park, she's going "Yes, Yeahhhh! Mom-mart!" I looked over at her and laughed as I said, "You're so stinkin' cute!" Well little miss Copy-cat repeats my remark with her own observation tacked on... as she says,"So tinkin' coot! ....Tinkin' !! P.U.!!!" as she's scrunching up her nose and sniffing like she knows just what I'm talking about. I guess double-word meanings and phrases like that would be confusing for a just barely 2-yr-old!
Matt and I were rolling with laughter as she keeps sniffing, thinking that must be what we're laughing at. Then just as we gain our composure, we walk into Wal-Mart, and she hollers "Uhhh,...(pause) Uhhhh.....(pause), and then brightly exclaims, "Echo! ......Echo!" For some reason, the entrance there definitely has an echo and your voice sounds totally different in it. And she remembers it every time. After we grabbed our couple things, and got to the line that always takes FOREVER...she quickly struck up a conversation with a nice man in front of us. He was amazed at her vocabulary and vibrance. "She's going to be on stage or something," he said. She's so well-spoken and friendly!
Then as we left...Avalai had to say "Buh-bye to everyone, and she intentionally said "Buh-bye" like 6 times as we entered the "echoey" area just before the exit doors. She just loves to hear her voice in there. It's better than our bathroom where she has begun to love her little "echo" game. She yells "ECHO" and listens to the reverberation as she grins and adds. "I hee it. Litten. I hee it!", and then repeats the game over and over with an occasional, "Mommy tay it." or "Daddy tay it." which we often oblige. I mean how can you resist? It's amusing how such simple things that entertain and astound toddlers!

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