Sunday, March 8, 2009

A beautiful day in the park

We've finally had a couple beautiful days, and we knew we just had to get out and enjoy some time in the park.
It's so great to go out without bundling up again! She was sooo excited to get outside and play. We went to the play area in the city park that's right outside the zoo. I guess we shouldn't have been surprised, but the place was totally packed! I guess everyone wanted to take advantage of such a beautiful day in the low 70s.
At first, she just looked in amazement at all the kids running around, and the things she recognized like the slides and swings. It wasn't long before she was asking to swing...but they were all full...with people waiting in the wings to jump on the next empty we headed to one of the toddler slides. She looooved it of course laughing and saying. "Again, ....side again! So she did...many, many times!
She did get curious about the other activities, and once she started running around, she was just in heaven! She kept seeing things and going "I do it, I do it!" She loved the tunnel. It was hilarious how she would run through it...with her head rubbing the top the whole way through resulting in crazy hair static...and then turn back around and go the opposite way through often saying "boo" as she popped her head out the other side, only to turn back around and run through the other way again!
There were cool hanging chimes, that she loved playing with. Lately she loves anything musical! And these actually inspired her to stand in one place for a few minutes.
She was intrigued by the giant, sunken sandbox, and wanted to play in it...but, I'm not letting her do that any time soon if ever...and I know she'd hate it in a second. This is the same child who puts her hands in the air for help when she gets any dirt or fuzz or spilled milk on her hands! It's actually really funny when she gets a hair on her hand (which because of her obsession with running her hands constantly through her own hair or mine happens often) she immediately stops and concentrates intently on trying to remove the offending hair that dared to get caught around her fingers. When she isn't able to free herself from the entangled hair...she hollers "Hairee, hairee, hep...hairee!" with her arm raised to show us. She absolutely can't tolerate debris on her hands!
Anyway, she ran and played and had such fun in the park...she definitely didn't want to go home.
After a few litte we headed to the car she started with, "Hungee... home... hungee... home!" And then nearly fell asleep in the 4 minute car ride home. I whipped up some yummy turkey burger sloppy joes, and as she was waiting in her high chair watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Matt said that she had laid her head on her arms and was nodding off. Poor. exhausted little girl. It was only 7 oclock, but she had missed her late afternoon nap, so she could barely stay awake. After she enjoyed some sloppy joes, she went off to sleep pretty easily at first...

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  1. soooooo cute :) wear her out and then she'll sleep!!

    give her a hug and kiss from aunt lydia :)