Friday, March 6, 2009

A double dose of potty success on Day 2

It's amazing what a 20 month old will do for some cheers and an excited, jumping "potty dance".
I seriously think that is her main reason for doing so well on the potty.
Today Avalai did her pee-pee on the potty several times. She's really getting the hang of it, and wants so badly to impress us. Matt's been doing a good job with being consistent with her.
Then...after a successful morning of pee-pee...I was at a 5:00 appointment when I got a call from Matt. I quickly silenced the ring, and then once I got back to the car, I saw that he'd left a message...saying...that Avalai had done POOPY in the potty too!!!! I was so proud of her!
Two years ago, I would have thought that getting excited over such a thing might be slightly over-the-top, but it's crazy how your perspective changes when little ones wind their way into your entire purpose of existence.

This evening we had a relaxing night with DJ & Susan and some of our favorite Uno's pizza.
They were laughing at how she's become such a little copy cat. If we say for instance, "Let's put on your coat." She follows with, "Your coat...?" Or "Would you like some of this?" she follows with "Of diss?" etc. She copies almost EVERYTHING she hears!
We watched the movie "Flash of Genius" about the guy who invented the intermittent wipers. It was a cool real-life story. Avalai won't ever sit still, or go to sleep in anyone else's house. So, that's always challenging, but we had a good time and got to catch up with them.

She's gotten good at saying her name. If you say, "What's your name?" She proudly says "Aaaa-vay". Susan is often "Newd-sen" and she calls me "Laur-lie" if I don't respond quickly to "Mommy".

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