Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The teething has begun again! Avalai played with Celia tonight (she came with Cara her mom) and Avalai just follows her around (Celia's 4) trying to do whatever she is doing.
Then bedtime comes, and Avalai tries to sleep, and ends up waking up 20 minutes later with her teeth. Poor girl, it's just pitiful to see those crocodile tears rolling down her face. She's half asleep, but in pain begging for "mulk" .

Matt laid down with her for a few minutes and looked at one of her activity books with her... and he said that when they came to a page with a younger guy who happened to be a florist on that particular page...Matt told her that he was DJ...and she lit up and was sooo excited. When he would turn the page, she would beg for "DJ...peeez???" So Matt had to keep turning back to that page and she would giggle and say "DJ...DJ" He said that it was so cute!

Hopefully this icy slush will melt and she can go outside again this weekend. She's been such an angel child for the past week. This teething stuff just messes her up...personality and all.
I'll be glad when they're all in. Then it will probably be something else I'm sure.

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